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Liberty Nylon Horse Harness


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Product Description

Liberty Nylon Horse Harness

Single Horse Option

Available in BLACK or BROWN

The Liberty Nylon Horse Harness is economical  and easy to handle.  Made with soft nylon webbing that is stronger than leather.

Your horse will be well turned out for any event in this Liberty Nylon Horse Harness.

  • blinker stays have wire inside to ensure the proper positioning of the blinker;
  • lightweight;
  • sliding back band;
  • strong, durable and easy to clean;
  • well padded saddle, breastplate and breeching made with eco friendly vinyl and is a very good material for horse skin;
  • hardware is stainless steel;
  • excellent for training and recreational driving;
  • easy to assemble;
  • comes with slotted end traces;
  • bits are extra.

This is a complete harness set.

Refer to our measurements tab to help with sizing or you can call or email for assistance.

This horse harness can be used  with a collar by purchasing our President Collar with Hames and a set of Hame Tugs.

Scroll down to take a closer look at the harness parts!

Black Nylon Bridle

Murray Looking Sharp in a Liberty Nylon Bridle

Nylon Driving Saddle

Liberty Single Nylon Saddle – Showing Padding

Nylon Harness Girth

Liberty Nylon Single Girth with Overgirth


Shaft Loop on Nylon Harness

Liberty Single Nylon Saddle – Closer Look at Shaft Loop

Nylon Horse Harness angle view.

Liberty Nylon Saddle – Rear view showing Back Strap attachment

Liberty Nylon Horse Harness rear view.

Liberty Nylon Harness – Review of Saddle, Backstrap, Crupper and Hip Strap

Liberty Nylon Harness

Liberty Single Nylon Saddle – Front View showing Water Hook, Rein Guides, Shaft Loops, Back Strap and Hip Strap

Single Breastplate with Reins through guides.

Liberty Nylon Single Breastplate and Neck Strap – Side View showing Reins Passing through Rein Guides.


Closer look at Breastplate front

Liberty Nylon Harness

Closer look at Neck Strap showing Rein passing through Rein Guide.

Breastplate and Trace Connection

Side view of Breastplate showing Trace buckled in.


Hip Strap Assembly

Hip Strap from Breeching passing through Backstrap on Crupper

Liberty Nylon Crupper

Liberty Nylon Crupper

Liberty Nylon Breeching

Liberty Nylon Single Breeching with Holdback Strap hanging

Black Nylon Reins

Liberty Nylon Single Reins showing buckles to attach the bit and a buckle to join the rein ends

Black Nylon Traces

A pair of two ply Nylon Traces showing the end that buckles into the Breastplate

Black Nylon Traces

A pair of two ply Nylon Traces showing the slotted end

Additional information

Weight 20.0000 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 6 in

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