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Horse Harness FAQ

Can I use a snap to attach the hold back straps to the breeching ring?

Yes, some do it for convenience.  But this now becomes a potential weak point.  Make sure you use heavy duty snaps.  These hold back straps are an essential part of the braking system.

Breast collars are for light loads, and neck collars are for heavy loads?

This is a pretty good rule to go by if you are not sure, but a neck collar can be worn at any time for any vehicle but a breast collar works best when the trace is most nearly horizontal when hitched to the cart.  Heavy loads with a breast collar being attached at a low spot on the cart can cause the breast collar to tip and press on the windpipe, it also creates pressure and injury to top of the neck.

Will one breast collar fit a variety of horses?

Yes it will, as long as it is within reason.  A mini A breast collar would not fit a large horse, but a horse size breast collar would most likely fit any horse within the range of 14.3 hands. to 16 hands.

Can a team driving harness be used as a single driving harness?

No!  There are several differences that make it not possible to use a team harness as a single and why two singles cannot be made into a team.  A team harness does not have any shaft loops on the saddles.  A team harness takes a pole to hitch and a single harness takes a set of shafts to hitch.  The team harness has a left and right breastplate or a left and right hame tug if your using collars that attach to the saddle,  on a single the breastplate or collar with hames do not attached to the saddle.  The breeching is another difference, on a single you have holdback straps attached to the breeching which attach to the shafts (your braking system),  on a team the breeching does not attach to the shafts, they are longer and attach to the hametugs coming off of the collars.

Can I get my harness with brass hardware?

No! I am only carrying harnesses with stainless steel.