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Customer Testimonials & Photo Album

Endangered_Newfoundland2.JPGThis is Spirit Sporting his Single Presidential Harness with Breast Plate. He is an endangered Newfoundland Pony.


Our_first_outing_with_our_new_harness_(2).jpg Rozelle's Standardbred, Zap, wearing his new Liberty Harness overlooking the Washademoak Lake in Codys, New Brunswick, Canada.


 Oct_2010_157_(2).jpg Melvyn and His beautiful team wearing our Presidential Pairs with Collars and Hames

paint_harness.JPGMelva and her Pony of America, Chico in his new Presidential Harness.



Gene's daughter Heather placed 4th out of 22 at the Pennsylvania 4H State Horse Show. This is a picture of Mareka AFH her 10 year old Haflinger sporting our Presidential harness. It looked great.



Carol was quite sick with Cancer when her friends arranged for her to have Izzy as a baby. Owning a real mammoth donkey was a dream come true. (She has 3 other lovely donkeys also!) Soon after Izzy's arrival, Carol’s health started to improve. Even the doctors now say Izzy is her best medicine. The Cancer remains in remission.
Izzy is an American Mammoth donkey, 4 years old, 15 Hands tall. Izzy is owned by Carol Ann Newbury, Nichols, New York.
While Carol Ann did most of the training & riding, friend John Brunner has helped with some driving techniques and leant us his cart in these pictures.





She is my dream girl- a bay with 2 blue eyes and a small star with a drizzle of  white down her face.  She is an absolutely gorgeous girl.

Christina T.






This is Elizabeth and Quinn is sporting his new Liberty Harness.







This is sideview picture of Elizabeth and Quinn.









This is one of Joanne B's horses sporting their new Liberty harness.







This is Dean and his crew with Mena (the one with the back foot up) and Trena sporting their Presidential Team Hanress with collar and hames.

Here is a shot of my little guy, Cody, all decked out and doing a park run. The great the extension parts you made to help fit my cart are working wonderfully. We tour through a local state park regularly doing 12 to 20 miles a week and we are having a blast doing it. Ron's quality harnesses and outstanding customer service is something you all should be proud of.

Cody handles better in his new rigging too.


Just wanted to make sure you received the kudos you and your company deserve.


We are stylin' now.....

Thanks SO much for all your help.

Lori McDermott


Yeske Family Yeske Family
Here are some pictures of the Yeske family enjoying their new Presidential Harness. Here is the first harness which far exceeded my expectations.  The quality and workmanship are superb!!!!  Everyone that sees it is so impressed and find it hard to believe the minimal cost.  Keep up the good work!!! 
Cheryl  :) 






First of all, Dutch looks FANTASTIC in her presidential driving harness. She won the Pinto Reserve World Champion for Pony Driving! I have attached a photo for you to put on your testimonials page. Tami Platt
What a wonderful picture Tami , thanks for sending it. You can be very proud because that is an exceptional turn out. Ron
PS: Click on the picture for a larger view. (We thought it was worth it). It's a large picture so it will take a while to load. Please be patient.


Click on picture for larger image.
Check out our Presidential team harness at the Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society. Look for our name "Rons Horse Harness" on the wall of flame. We are very proud and humbled to be allowed to take part in this tribute to the Los Angeles fire department and those members who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Ron








 Arnold from Fryslan Valley Sporthorses sent me these pictures from the Germantown CHS. They won first in the open class and the Grand Championship Driving. Both these horses were sporting our presidential harness . Congratulations go to Fryslan Valley Sporthorses In Tennessee.






Hi Ron
This is my 9 year old Highland Pony Glenfiddich Na Dailach (stable name Hamish!) taking part in his first ever private driving class and cones class at the annual Highlad Pony Society Breed Show at Strathallen Castle in Perthshire, Scotland!
We were third in the private driving and we won the cones class!!!
Kind regards






My boss purchased this harness when he wanted me to teach the pony to drive. She is a hard to fit pony, not a small one or a large one, just a medium one. He told me that he called you, gave the mesurements and you had a harness that would easily fit her. Sure enough, when it finally came, it was beautiful and easily adjustable. I've attached a picture of the pony, she's very flashy in the harness with a high action trot and soon we will start hitching her to the cart! I'll keep you updated!






Here is a donkey pair trained by horse trainer Kay Veinotte , Veinotte Horse Farm, Maple Ridge B.C.. These guys are wearing our presidential mini harness and look great. Kay trained these guys for Virginia seen here driving . Good job Kay.






Magic taking the family for a tour of the block. Looks good Wendy. Magic is wearing our pony harness.


click on picture for larger image.


Another Presidential harness at work.
Hi Ron:
Here is a picture of the hearse. The harness is built well to pull the hearse loaded. Thanks again.
Barry Lachuta
JD's Classic Carriage Rides
Barry and Mandy run carriage rides from weddings to funerals and everything in between in Manitoba Canada.
Click on picture for a larger image, it's worth it. Ron






Rocky and Mini Man sporting our mini team harness. You can find these little guys in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.






Hi Ron,

I have several years of hard pulling on this harness, and I am getting
excellent wear out of it. Thanks for your great product.

I will be ordering a collar for this girls little sister soon.

Larry Swayze



Here is Nick. All dressed up and somewhere to go. Nick and John are from Pennsylvania. Nick, haflinger, is dressed in his new presidential harness.






Here is Digby in his new presidential harness. Looks good.






This is Susan's Friesian , Keimpe, a real beauty, sporting his new presidential harness. We usually like to think our harness makes the horse look good but in this case it's the other way around.


Cute. Her little friend will be wearing one of our harnesses pretty soon. Stay tuned.


Festus sporting his new harness. Doesn't he look impressed? Matt Dillon would be so proud.


Todd got this fella harnessed and hauling on the same day. Some horses were born to it. Our job is to find that horse.






Here is the "Colonial Miniature Horse Club's" first spring drive. Looks like fun doesn't it. A few of our harnesses here. I'm sure there will be more when they have seen the error of their ways ;). Looks good guys.






Beauty in her new harness. Doesn't she look great.






One of our presidential harnesses at work.


Hi Ron,
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the Presidential harness that I bought for my Gypsy Cob. It was easy to fit to her and it looks fabulous on her. My trainer is recommending your harness to other customers for their horses. He really likes the style and how easy it is to adjust to different carts. It is easy to keep clean and hooking her up is a breeze.
Thanks again for such a wonderful harness.






Hi Ron, Just wanted to thank you again for the great harness. We now have Bree driving and can't wait to start taking him to combined events. My dressage horse doesn't even spook now when we drive by him. My neighbor who drives hackneys likes the harness also. Thanks again for the great quality and service getting the right size pieces. Erin






Thought we'd share a picture of one of your wonderful harnesses in use! Topper is my 23 year old Morgan that has been driving for about 10 years. My parents were in town for the weekend, so we took them out for a spin. Dad was very impressed with the quality of your harness. I'm sure we'll enjoy it for many years. Now I just have to finish getting our little mare broke to drive!
Cindy Dulaney


I recieved my harness the other day. I have it fitted up and I have used
it twice. I couldn't be happier. The harness fit great and I only had to
make a couple of adjusments. I am very pleased with the quality and looks
of the harness. Thank you so much. Tom Ellingford Utah


purchased your team miniature horse harness last year. We made our debut on stage in a production of Oklahoma! The team was pulling the surrey with the fringe on top. We received many compliments--the harness sparkled in the stage lights. I use the harness on my pair in CDE's and other competitions and it is now the harness for my wheelers for my 4 in hand hitch. What a wonderful and versatile harness. Thank you.



Dear Ron,


Just a note to let you know how well my new Presidential harness did this weekend at my local harness club meeting. The speaker was telling us about all different types of harness, including Zilco harness ($1800.00). The speaker said that good harness costs in the $600-1000 range. Then I showed him mine. Everyone at the event agreed that it was especially nice harness, and were amazed at the reasonable price. I had taken Lars to the event as well for help in fitting him with the harness, and so the people who were helping me were impressed with the quality and all the adjustments available to help with the fit.
Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to receiving the bridle and traces,
Susan McGuire


Here is Kathleen with her team sporting our mini pairs harness. The guy closest to you is "BE BOPS LITTLE GTO". Kathleen placed first in show. Way to go Kathleen.



 Here is Kathleen again and the little guy closest to you now is "EMERALD VALLEYS ITSY BITSY". What a great turn out.



I wanted to thank you for the great job on the cart and harness. They are both so tough. I drive through large ditches, puddles and rough terrain and the cart and harness hold up terrific. My percheron cross even dragged the arena using the harness several times! I tell everyone around to go to you to get their driving gear it is the best for a great price!
-Rebecca Hirte


Mother and two daughters. Sporting new presidential harness with collar and hames. Awesome picture Larry thanks. Oregon is home for these beauties.


Dear Ron;
Last year my father from north Conway NH bought a driving harness from you for Emma. The quality is excellent. I took Emma to her first show this summer and she took 4 ribbons. Hope you enjoy the picture. Your harnesses are great. Arlene






Here is a pictureof my niece in the sleigh and Emma wearing your harness. I am so impressed with your product. I should be trying the new sleigh in a week or two. We are going to try to have it done this weekend and then all I have to do is paint it. I will send a picture when it is done. Arlene
I absolutely adore my harness, it really is beautiful. I purchased the small pony size. I never imagined that it would be more georgeous in person than in the photos. This spring, when my pony sheds out I'll hope to send along a pic of her in it. Thanks again. Lisa NY.






Hi Ron:
Just wanted to give you picture of finished product. We get tons of compliments on both the harness and cart.
Thanks Stephanie






Here is Laurie from Ontario with her 11.2 hand pony "Sam" wearing his new small pony harness. Sam's full name is "Sam I AM". Yes, Laurie says, just as in the Dr. Zeus book.






Hi Ron: Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the cart. The leaf springs really make a difference and give it a great ride. Took it to central Arkansas mountains two weeks ago and had several people ask me how to contact you. They were all very impressed. I am attaching a couple of pictures taken on that ride. Thanks, Carl R.






Hi Ron: I love my cart I got from you this year. My horse has adjusted to the difference in the weight and size well. We went to the state show and came away with a second and fourth. Everyone there really had a bunch of wonderful comments about the cart. I told everyone where I got it. Georgina F.






Hi: I purchased a cart from you this spring, and I enjoy it very much. I wanted to get the ski attachment for this winter. It's very difficult to find items that will fit a draft horse, and you were the only one who made the carts to fit the horse. Laura N.






Glenn, from Wisconsin, with his new wood wheel cart. Phoenix (15.1hh) on his 2nd day blasting around the track.






Patti and her new showcart in dark walnut at " Maine Carriage days". Being pulled by 11 hand high Joshua.





Hi Ron: Received the harness today. I couldn't believe it when it came out of the box. It is much nicer than harnesses around here for twice the money. Thanks again. Beth






Thought I would drop you a few lines to say how much we are enjoying the cart.
I have built a shed to store it and the harness in. My grand daughter and I have been out a few times. Don






Hi Ron: I love my new horse cart. It is comfortable and fun to drive my horse with. Pam F.









We have been working out the cart we purchased from you very hard! Our Missouri Fox Trotter Duke has done extremely well pulling this very comfortable cart! I have a very bad back and neck and I have discovered I do not hurt because of the wonderful springs you have placed on these carts. For those with bad backs and neck I highly recommend getting the pads for both the seat and the back of the cart. Makes a big difference for us sore back folks. We love the harness too. We have alot of comments about it...and of course tell them all about your wonderful craft of making these carts to fit the horse. We are very, very pleased with our cart and harness. Can highly recommend you to anyone asking about them! Am emailing you a picture of Duke in harness with the cart. We love it!
Holly and Marvin Golden

Hi Ron,


 I wanted to let you know that I received the driving harness last Thursday.

My driving instructor, John, was there when I opened the box of harness and

I must say he was quite impressed with the quality of workmanship and the

quality of the leather. John is the 2 time world champion log pulling

champion and has been driving for many years and I regard his opinion very

highly and consider him quite qualified as far as recognizing good "quality"

harness. I stated to you on the phone that I was very apprehensive about

ordering something as important as good quality harness, sight unseen. I can

say now that my apprehension was unwarranted and I am thrilled with my new




Bonnie Weitzel, WI.









Here's a few photos from another very satisfied customer for your album.  The horse on the right is our nine year old spotted draft mare with her year and a half old colt teamed up.

Thank you very much Amanda
Jason Alguire
Cornwall, ON, CA